People and Planet

Our Sustainable Practices

We believe in sustainable travel which is why we have implemented many ways to help reduce your carbon footprint while staying at our motel. Here’s a few of our many sustainable practices.

Reduce waste - we encourage recycling, collect waste responsibly and shop in bulk to limit packaging.

Eco-friendly cleaning - we exclusively use non-toxic, safe and effective cleaning products.

Encourage reusing linen - we welcome guests to keep the same linen and towels for a couple days to greatly reduce their carbon footprints.

Sustainable toiletries - we use biodegradable EcoStick to reduce our toiletry packaging waste by 95%.

Dream pillows - we use Vendella Dream Pillows, the revolutionary pillow that offers ultimate comfort and support while being made from recycled plastic.

Industry leaders - we encourage guests to shop locally, follow energy-saving guidelines and train all new staff to adopt environmentally-friendly practices.

Our Cleaning Protocols

All our rooms are thoroughly cleaned with eco-friendly products and sanitised with New Zealand-made commercial ozone machines, the most powerful purifier that kills bacteria, viruses. Ozone is a naturally-occurring substance and is completely safe.

Ozone, or enriched oxygen, is a highly efficient purifier that destroys the odour-causing substance leaving behind a harmless, non-toxic by-product: oxygen.

The odour is eliminated, the bacteria or virus is destroyed and you are left with pure, fresh, healthy air.

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